First and foremmost, if you are intrested in raiding with COTL please understand we are NOT a raiding guild. We're not looking to clear Cataclysm raids in a single day. We do not raid everyday and sometimes (gasp!) we may not have enough guildies signed up to run. You also will not find any crazy loot structure in our guild requiring an advanced degree in statistics to determine if you can roll for something.

COTL brings to the table a relaxed and casual enviroment for our members to enjoy higher level game content. COTL's raids typically do not proceed longer than 2-3 hours in a single sitting and we usually raid about 1-2 evenings per week.


Raiding Guidelines

Before joining in on a COTL raid, please read and understand our raiding guidlines. By joining a COTL sponosored raid, you are agreeing to raid by our guidlines.

1) Your armor is fully repaired

2) Your gear/spec matches the role in which you signed up for

Go to Forums->Classes/Specs and find your class's Best in Slot thread and please post any gear you need us to help you get there.

3) You have an adequate supply of food, drink, potions and reagents

4) Our raid leaders (Kurto & ...someone) reserve the right to set the lineup for all raiding based on group makeup, player experience, goal of the raid and a gear check. (i.e. if five healers signup for a ten man raid, obviously all five cannot go). Our gear checks are conducted through the WoW-Heros website Players who are undergeared and/or missing enchants/gems will not be permitted to raid with us until their gear is up to an acceptable level as deemed by our raid leaders. Specific questions concerning gear checks should be sent directly to our raid leaders.

5) Accepting an invitation to a raid does NOT ensure a placement in the raid. If you have special scheduling needs and would like to know the likelyhood of your participation in the raid, please message a raid leader in game.

6) If you make the effort to signup for a raid, please make the same effort to show up for it. Frequent cases of raid "no-shows" may result in removal of invite status for future raids. All times listed for raiding are SERVER TIME, please be aware that the server time may be different than the local time in your time zone.

7) Our vent channel is rated "PG" for chat, as we often have guildies running with us who are under the age of 18. No swearing or overly obscene/derrogatory language is permitted on our vent server.

8) Only Raid Leaders may schedule guild raids. In rare circumstances, special approval may be given to a non Raid Leader to schedule a raid. If there is a particular raid you would like to run, please chat with a Raid Leader on the matter or post a message on our raiding forums. We would be happy to do our best to satisfy your wishes!

9) Most Importantly.... "If you cant PAY (repair bills) then don't PLAY (raiding)" When you join in a raid, chances are your character is going to be killed. Complaining of high repair costs or wiping will only bring negative energy to the raid. Please keep these negative comments to yourself. Frequent complaining of wipes/repair costs will be noted and may prevent future invites to our raids.



1) Go to this thread and post your toon's names and their iLvl of gear that you want considered for raiding.

2. Go to the Calendar Tab above->Your Depth (link to right) and please check available or unavailable for each night throughout the month.  Please do this at the beginning of each month also so we can better plan our raids for attendance.  Selecting these availabilities does not commit you to those nights like hitting "Accept" on a raid invite.  It's just a planning tool for the RLs.

3) Get your Addons!

Mandatory Addons

Due to the mechanics of raiding, CoTL requires the use of the following addons for our members who wish to raid with us. Please have these addons downloaded and have a working knowledge of them prior to joining us for a raid. If you have any questions concerning the addons, please contact and officer in game or post a message on our forums.


Addon Description Download URL
Ventrilio It's what we use to talk to each other yo
Deadly Boss Mods Raid/Boss Warnings
Omen Threat Meter Threat Meter/Warning


Loot Structure

1) CoTL primarily operates loot for all raids using a "Master Looter" structure. One of our Raid Leaders or Executive Officers will be assigned the role of loot master to distribute loot in raids.

2) COTL utilizes the Classloot addon as a guide in determining suitable classes for a gear drop.

3) Loot priority will first be given to MAIN class/spec at the five star level. What determines your MAIN spec is the spec you begin the raid in. If no main specs need desired loot, off specs may then roll for the item. Player MUST be dual spec'd in order to roll on off spec item. In certain situations, a Raid Leader may ask a raid participant to switch specs. In these cases, the MAIN spec of that player will be selected at the discretion of the raid leader(s) & Loot Master.

4) In certain situations, we may allow the four or three star tierd classes/spec to roll on an item. This will be done at the disgression of the raid leaders.

5) Unwanted items will be DE'd (disenchanted) by an enchanter with echanting materials rolled on/distributed at the end of the run. If no enchanter is present in the group, unwanted BOP (Bind on Pick Up) items will be rolled on by everyone in the party to be vendored for gold.

6) Unwanted BOE (Bind on Equip) items will be placed into the COTL guild bank or be rolled upon by guild leaders if COTL is running with another guild.

An example of the classloot "star system" is found below.

Our general rule of thumb  with loot is very simple...... "Don't be greedy". Once a boss is down, our lootmaster will typically allow for some time for raid members to discuss loot. Often, you will find guild members giving up a piece of epic loot (which may be an upgrade) for a raid member who may still have a blue rare item equipped for the same purpose. COTL permits ONE loot item per person, per boss. Our raid leaders reserve the right to void a roll on an item by a player whom we deem as being "greedy" (i.e. winning 3-4 peices of gear in a single raid while noone else in the same class has won anything.)

Vent Information

Port: 8935
Password: Orange