Mission Statement

Crusaders of the Light strives to be a family-oriented and social guild. We value the good will and kindness of our members over gear scores and raid drops. Our mission is to provide a safe, family-friendly, respectful guild for gamers from all walks of life.

General Rules


1) Use common sense in communicating with others within the game - whether it is guild chat, or the trade channel, you represent the best. Please keep your comments pithy and PG (no swearing) at all times.

2) A toon's inactivity for an extended period of time may result in removal from the guild. Please contact a GM if you believe you will be absent from the game for more than 90 days. After sixty days, you may be removed from the guild unless prior arrangements have been made with a guild officer.

3) COTL utilizes the ingame calendar provided by Blizzard. The Calendar is essential if you wish to signup and participate in guild events, dungeon runs and raiding. If you do not sign up you may not be able to participate.

4) Guild Bank is a privilege, not a right. Use responsibly for your own use and contribute when possible to help others. All guild donations should be mailed to our Guild's bank toon "Cotlbanker". Tab access is based on guild rank. Contact an officer when you require a restricted item.

5) COTL Officers reserve the right to act on any activity that violates the rules or spirit of the game. Initial minor infractions will always result with an official warning from the officer. Repeated offenses can result in removal from the guild. In other words, don't be a pinhead.

6) Always obey the "Golden Rule", treat others the way you would wish to be treated.

7) Anyone caught cheating or participating in dishonest conduct with anyone in game will be removed from the guild immediately. No exceptions.

8) If you have any questions or concerns it is your responsibility to bring them to the attention of a guild officer immediatly.

9) Please register and claim your toon(s). It is a requirement to raid with CotL.  


We strongly advise the use one of the 3 methods to secure your Blizzard account against hacking: 1) the Free Battle.net Mobile Authenticator (iPhone/iPod Touch/Android) 2) Battle.net Authenticator (keychain purchased from Blizzard) 3) Battle.net Dial-in Authenticator (free toll-free phone number that you call whenever you play wow from a new IP).

NEVER use the same login or password for your Blizzard.net account for ANY other means.