All about Crusaders of the Light

Who are we: --"To be the man, you got to BEAT the man...."

Crusaders of the Light (COTL) was founded in January of 2007 on the Hydraxis realm. COTL has been a staple of the Hydraxis realm since the realm's implementation. Many guilds have come and many have crumbled, but we have remained as vibrant and strong as ever. Our long term success is defined by the quality of our guild members and guild leadership. COTL prides ourselves on maintaining a family-like atmosphere for all guild members to enjoy. We enjoy taking the time to get to know our members and fully exploring the social aspect of WoW.

Guild Organization: --"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."

CoTL's ranking structure is one of which recognizes hard work, dedication and longevity within the guild.

Our Ranks include:

Ranking reserved for our Guild Leader (Huken). Responsible for the oversight and management of COTL  
Executive Officer Assists Guild Leader with day-to-day operation of COTL. Serves as consultation point for officers/members on topics of guild info, general help questions and guild regulations. Manages guild in the absence of the Guild Leader. (Holyrain)
Officer Volunteer  members who have a specific role or job in the guild that requires their leadership in that focus area. For example: Raid Leader, Social Officer, Guildbank Manager
Council Non-Officer members who excel as a member in CoTL. Voted on by Officers. Part of the CoTL leadership community. Can see Officer Chat.
Major Ranking obtained after six months of continuous membership in COTL.
Sergeant Ranking obtained after three months of continuous membership in COTL
Scout Obtained after one week of membership and upon registering your character on our website.

New recruits of CoTL. No access is given to the COTL guild bank at this level.

 COTL Officer Corps: --"100% satisfaction guranteed.... or you can just leave :-)"

Our guild members are why COTL is simply the best. Our officer and council members are long time members who are ready and willing to help whenever reasonably possible. For a listing of our Officers, Council and their characters, please see the COTL roster located here

Guild Rules: --"Knowing Who To Blame..."

Yeah yeah.... we know its a game but anarchy never breeds sucsess. Check out our guild regulations by clicking here

Raiding: -- "We Are Not A Raiding Guild, we are a family that occasionally raids" 

Nowhere else does CoTL stresses our casual and pressure free enviroment more than with raiding. As CoTL grows, we do our best to accomodate our higher level members who have an interest in raiding. This involves executing guild only ten man raids and working with other guilds on twenty five man content. For more information on raiding with CoTL please visit our raiding page found here